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Posts by Michelle Collins

The Summer of Scylla

You know how every once in awhile, you meet someone and you just click? You become friends immediately and it seems like you have known them your entire life? Every once in awhile, this happens with a whale as well! I swear I’m not crazy, let me explain. From the year I did my internship…

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No fin whales will be killed in Iceland this summer

According to an announcement by the company behind Iceland’s fin whaling, Hvalur hf, no endangered fin whales will be killed off Iceland this summer.  Hvalur hf, owned by Kristian Loftsson, slaughtered over 146 fin whales last year, including at least two rare blue whale/fin whale hybrids and a dozen pregnant females. Whaling is increasingly unpopular…

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New calf seen in endangered Southern Resident orca community!!

May 31 2019: Breaking news from Canada! The Whale Centre in Tofino, British Columbia shared the news this afternoon that a fresh new calf was spotted yesterday afternoon with J pod of the endangered Southern Resident orca population.  Researchers with Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the Center for Whale Research were notified and…

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There’s a whale in the gym!

Meet Delilah – our inflatable North Atlantic right whale When I was an intern back in 2012, I was cursed. No matter how much I heard about how amazingly unique right whales are or how critically endangered they are, the universe was telling me that it did NOT want me to see one. We would…

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