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Let's learn about whales and dolphins!

WDC's education and outreach team visit classrooms and community events to talk with people about the important role whales play in our ocean ecosystem. We often bring Delilah, our life-sized inflatable right whale to meet new faces and give people the unique experience of going inside a whale!

We offer in-person or virtual presentations that you can bring to your classroom or your event.

Contact us for program details and pricing.


Delilah presentation


WDC offers STEM-based education programs with options for virtual and in-person visits. Our programs can be scaled up or down for all grade levels and align with Next Generation Science Standards. Bring whales into your classroom!

Educating Children about whales and safe boating_credit_WDC


Looking for a way to bring whales to your community event, library, business, or other informal education settings? WDC's programs can all be adjusted for a wide variety of settings and audiences. Get in touch with us and we can work individually to find the best fit for you.

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It doesn't matter if you are a classroom teacher, homeschool educator, or a parent looking for engaging activities for your kids - we've got you covered! We have lots of free downloadable activities and resources to help all ages learn about whales and dolphins.

Delilah outside
Echo the dolphin

Program Highlight: Learn whale anatomy with Delilah, our life-sized inflatable North Atlantic right whale!

Through hands-on activities, students will learn about the whale’s internal & external anatomy – focusing on adaptations for survival. Students will also explore life-sized whale artifacts, such as bones and baleen. 

Echo, our life-sized anatomically correct bottlenose dolphin, will be traveling around schools and events to teach folks about dolphins alongside Delilah.

For more information about our programs, fill out the form below or email [email protected].

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Thank you to the Jessica Rekos Foundation and the Sheehan Family Companies for supporting our education initiatives!

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Make a difference

Join our team  - no matter which way you choose, your commitment helps whales, dolphins, and our shared planet.

Save the whales, save the world.

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Adopt a whale and help us protect these amazing creatures.

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You can join our team and help us save whales and dolphins

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Your gifts help us take action for whales and dolphins.

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