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Hysazu Photography

Looking forward for Southern Resident orcas in 2023

Hysazu Photography 2022 was a big year for Southern Resident orcas - 2022 brought the...
Credit: Seacoast Science Center

The Unlikely Adventure of Shoebert, a Young Grey Seal Who Visited an Industrial Park Pond

Credit: Seacoast Science Center In mid-September, our stranding partners in northern Massachusetts were inundated with...
Leaping harbour porpoise

The power of harbour porpoise poo

We know we need to save the whale to save the world. Now we are...
Right whale - Regina WDC

Whale and Dolphin Conservation: Change Through Policy.

WDC focuses on education, research, conservation projects, and policy work to create a sustainable future...
Clear the list graphic

Clear WDC’s Amazon Wishlist for Giving Tuesday

UPDATE: We are thrilled to report that everything was donated off of our Amazon Wishlist...
Fin whales are targeted by Icelandic whalers

Speaking truth to power – my week giving whales a voice

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting is where governments come together to make decisions about whaling...
The Codfather being good with Anvil kick feeding right next to them_0761 branded

Spout Spotters: Boater Safety Around Whales Online Course Launches

After countless hours behind the computer, bountiful snacks, and a few stress relieving walks with...
WDC team at UN Ocean conference

Give the ocean a chance – our message from the UN Ocean Conference

I'm looking out over the River Tejo in Lisbon, Portugal, reflecting on the astounding resilience...

Clear WDC’s Amazon Wishlist for Giving Tuesday


We are thrilled to report that everything was donated off of our Amazon Wishlist except for 4 microscopes. Thanks to those who generously donated to our Giving Tuesday Wishlist Fund, we will be able to purchase those remaining items off of our list. THANK YOU to all of you amazing supporters!

The holiday season is knocking on our doors and Giving Tuesday is coming up soon! On Tuesday, November 29th, our Giving Tuesday wish is to clear our Amazon wishlist for our education program!

Throughout the year, WDC’s education team heads out to schools, festivals, and community events to teach people about how awesome whales are and the important role they play in the environment.

One of our goals for 2023 is to reach more people with our education programs – but we need your help!

Our education team has made an Amazon Wishlist of the supplies they'll need - this Giving Tuesday help us clear the list!



Add WDC to your holiday shopping – while you are browsing for gifts for your loved ones, add something off of WDC’s Education Amazon Wishlist to your cart.

Items range from $6-$70.


The total cost of all of the items on our list is $1,240.47. Donate to our Giving Tuesday Wishlist Fund and we will use this to buy anything left on our list.

Microscope image

Wishlist Highlight: Microscopes!

These are used for one of our in-school education programs where students learn about the ‘Green Whale”. During this program, students discover the fascinating wonders of plankton while observing them through a microscope, learn how whales sustain life on earth and fight climate change and explore the relationship between whales and plankton through the food web.

We often bring our life-sized inflatable North Atlantic right whale with us and she makes waves wherever she goes!

Delilah outside

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