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3 Year Strategic Plan

FY2019 Impact Report
2018 Impact Report
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Every year WDC produces or commissions a number of reports on a variety of issues concerning whales and dolphins. Below are a selection of our publications in pdf format. Where copyright restrictions preclude this please contact us for further information on a report's availability.

In addition to the reports highlighted below, WDC staff around the world are actively publishing peer-reviewed scientific papers, presenting posters and talks at conferences and submitting papers to meetings of a variety of international fora.

Climate Change

Whales in hot water (2023)

Whales in the carbon cycle: can recovery remove carbon dioxide? (2022)*

A drop in the ocean
Closing the gap in ocean climate finance

Whales - Their future is our future (2021)

Marine Renewable Energy: A Global Review of the Extent of Marine Renewable Energy Developments, the Developing Technologies and Possible Conservation Implications for Cetaceans (2013)

Offshore wind farms and marine mammals: Impacts and methodologies for assessing impacts (2008)

An update on the extent of marine renewable energy developments in the Northeast Atlantic (2008)

Ocean acidification (2006)

Marine wind farms and cetaceans (2003)


Cetacean Bycatch Monitoring and Mitigation under EC Regulation 812/2004 in the Northeast Atlantic, North Sea and Baltic Sea from 2006 to 2014 (2017)

Towards an EU Action Plan on Cetacean Bycatch (2016)

ECS Resolution: The need to better monitor & mitigate european marine mammal bycatch (2016)

Assessing New Zealanders’ Willingness-to-pay to Protect the Endangered New Zealand Dolphin (Cephalorhynchus hectori): A benefit-cost analysis comparing three scenarios (2014)

The Price of Fish - A review of cetacean bycatch in fisheries in the north-east Atlantic (2011)

The Animal Welfare Implications of Cetacean Deaths in Fisheries (2008)

Shrouded by the Sea: The animal welfare implications of bycatch in fisheries - a summary document (2008)

The Net Effect? - A review of cetacean bycatch in pelagic trawls and other fisheries in the north-east Atlantic (2004)


Dolphinaria - A review of the keeping of whales and dolphins in captivity in the European Union and EC Directive 1999/22, relating to the keeping of wild animals in zoos. (2015)

Dolphin Assisted Therapy: Can you put your faith in DAT? (2007)

Driven-by-demand (2006)

Biting the Hand that Feeds - the case against petting pools (2003)

Captive Orcas - ‘Dying to Entertain You’ (2001)


Myth and Momentum: A Critique of Environmental Impact Assessments (2013)

Looking forward to strict "strict protection": A critical review of the current legal regime for cetaceans in UK waters (2012)

Marine Debris

Marine Debris and Cetaceans (2011)

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

The necessity of Management Options for effective harbour porpoise conservation in the UK (2015)

Making space for UK porpoises, dolphins and whales (2013)

Towards Marine Protected Areas for Cetaceans in Scotland, England and Wales: A scientific review identifying critical habitat with key recommendations (2010)

Noise Pollution

Oceans of Noise (2004)


South American River Dolphin Action Plan (2010)

The Conservation of British Cetaceans (2007)

Into the Brains of Whales (2007)

Current State of Knowledge of Cetacean Threats, Diversity, and Habitats in the Pacific Islands Region (2007)

Conserving Cetaceans; The Convention on Migratory Species and its Relevant Agreements for Cetacean Conservation (2003)


ECS Workshop on Best Practice in Rescue (2013)

Joint NGO Corkscrew response (2013)

Vessel Collisions

Vessel collisions and cetaceans: What happens when they don’t miss the boat (2008)

Whale Watching

A Guide to Responsible Whale Watching (2024)

The use of marine wildlife-watching codes and their role in managing activities within marine protected areas in Scotland (2016)

Whale-watching: More than meets the Eyes (2013)

A review of whale watch guidelines and regulations around the world (2008)

The State of Whale Watching in Latin America (2008)

Russia Whale Watching Guide (2006)

European Whale Watching Guide (2003)


Small Cetaceans, Even Bigger Problems - An updated global review of directed hunts on small whales, dolphins and porpoises (2024)

Slayed in Iceland - The commercial hunting and international trade in endangered fin whales (2014)

Whale for Sale (2014)

A veterinary analysis of a novel approach to dolphin slaughter used in the 'drive hunts' in Taiji, Japan (2012)

Greenland's expanding commercial whaling (2012)

Breaking Ranks - Denmark goes it alone on whaling policy (2012)

Sink or Swim : The Economics of Whaling Today (2009)

Japanese small type whaling (2009)

Whaling: defying international commitments to animal welfare? (2008)

Iceland, whaling and ecosystem-based fishery management (2008)

Animal welfare in Norway: an inconsistent truth (2007)

The RMS – A question of confidence? (2005)

Welfare-implications-of-modern-whaling (2004)

Troubled Waters - A review of the welfare implications of modern whaling activities (2003)