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Science & Outreach

Whales and dolphins are amazing. Find out incredible facts about their lives under the sea.

Which is the biggest whale? The smallest dolphin? How far do whales migrate? Which whale makes the loudest sound? Do they sleep? Just some of the questions you will find answers to along with many others.

A life under the sea

Blue whale underwater

Facts about whales

Find out about the largest creatures living in the oceans and their lives. Find out about whales which migrate from polar regions to the tropics, which are the fastest and who has the biggest brain.


Facts about dolphins

Dolphins and porpoises come in all sizes and some even have unusual colouration. From the magnificent orca to the tiny New Zealand dolphin and vaquita, dive into their world and learn more.


Record breakers

Which whale is the heaviest? Which one dives the deepest? The longest migration? The fastest? Whales and dolphins hold some amazing records. Dive in and find out more and these incredible creatures.

Record breakers

Longest baleen
belongs to a bowhead whale
Loudest sound
made by a sperm whale
Fastest baleen whale
achieved by a fin whale
Deepest dive
by a Cuvier's beaked whale
The longest tooth
belongs to a narwhal
Longest migration
made by a gray whale

Videos from the wild

A selection of our favourite videos from the WDC archives. You can watch more on our YouTube channel.

False killer whales

Amazon river dolphins

Risso’s dolphins

Humpback whales

Spotted dolphins