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Five Easy Ways to Make Your Holiday Season Eco-Friendly

Six Questions With Dr. Michael Moore

We talked with Dr. Michael Moore of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution about his new book “We Are All Whalers”, working in whale conservation, and how we all can help whales. Give it a read! Dr. Michael Moore has a veterinary degree from the University of Cambridge and a PhD from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution…

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Rest In Peace Winter, 2005-2021

Winter the dolphin was born off the coast of Florida in 2005 where it was expected she would spend her life, traveling with family and friends, occasionally delighting surprised humans as her pod surfaced nearby. Her life took a very different turn when, at just a couple of months old, she accidentally became entangled in…

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Court Rejects Federal Attempt to Sink Right Whale Ship Strike Lawsuit

WASHINGTON— A federal court on Wednesday rejected the Biden administration’s effort to dismiss a lawsuit aimed at protecting critically endangered right whales from being run over and killed by ships and boats in U.S. waters. The case challenges the National Marine Fisheries Service’s unlawful delay in responding to rulemaking petitions on vessel strikes. The ruling…

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Enter to win a copy of “We Are All Whalers”

Synopsis of “We Are All Whalers” Relating his experiences caring for endangered whales, a veterinarian and marine scientist shows we can all share in the salvation of these imperiled animals. The image most of us have of whalers includes harpoons and intentional trauma. Yet eating commercially caught seafood leads to whales’ entanglement and slow death…

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COP26 -Save the whales, save the world!

COP26 – the UN Climate Change Conference kicked off this week in Glasgow. This global summit brings together countries from around the world to talk about how to stop climate change.  WDC staff are attending COP26 to advocate for protecting whales  who are HUGE (pun intended) allies to fighting climate change. Wondering how whales help…

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Happy Trash-tober!

To celebrate spooky season, our WDC North America team decided to do our part to tackle a scary problem – plastic pollution! We started last Friday by taking part of our day to clean up trash in the pathway and parking lot next to our office. After just an hour, we found SO. MUCH. TRASH.…

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