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Federal Proposal Aims to Protect Endangered Right Whales From Ship Strikes

West Coast Whale Watching with Maya Higa

“We need someone to go on a whale watch in Monterey.” Well, I’ve never been to California and I love watching whales! As we chatted about an incredible outreach and fundraising opportunity with WDC-UK and the Twitch streamer Maya Higa, it was a simple “yes!” for me! We first partnered with Maya Higa in 2020…

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Researchers announce 2021 class of named North Atlantic right whales

“Spindle” is named for the long symmetrical mark on her head that resembles a banister post. CREDIT: New England Aquarium, under NOAA Research Permit #655-1652-01 BOSTON, MASS. (Dec. 7, 2021) – Another class of 18 North Atlantic right whales have been named for 2021, helping researchers more easily recognize individual whales spotted by boat and…

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Enter to win a copy of “We Are All Whalers”

Synopsis of “We Are All Whalers” Relating his experiences caring for endangered whales, a veterinarian and marine scientist shows we can all share in the salvation of these imperiled animals. The image most of us have of whalers includes harpoons and intentional trauma. Yet eating commercially caught seafood leads to whales’ entanglement and slow death…

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Belugas arrive in US despite objections from WDC and others

Photo courtesy of Mystic Aquarium In late 2019, WDC and our partners learned of a request from Connecticut’s Mystic Aquarium to import five belugas from Marineland, one of two facilities in Canada that still hold captive whales and dolphins, to be part of a research program at Mystic’s facility.  While conditions at Marineland are notoriously…

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Russian Citizens Call For Action to Prevent Another Whale Jail

Reports from inside Russia have revealed more than 100,000 petition signers have raised their objections to captivity and have asked the Russian government to end captures of orcas, beluga whales and dolphins in Russian waters for sale to captive facilities. The national petition-signing campaign involved grassroots protest organizations, many scientists, and celebrities within the country. The number of…

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