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Salmon School Saturdays!

It's summer time and the salmon are running.  So run to your backyard or neighborhood park and put some whales in your weekend by joining us for Salmon School Saturdays! These fun games will get your creative juices flowing & boost your salmon expertise. And we all know that Orca Action Month means action for salmon, too, so we’re excited to highlight our favorite orca food with these weekend activities!  Click below for gameplay directions.

Day 20

Do you know how to play rock/paper/scissors? How about a tournament, with a twist - you have to know the lifecycle of a salmon to advance to the next round!

The web of life: how are watersheds, salmon, and orcas all connected? Grab some friends, some yarn or some string, and our list of random words to explore how seemingly separate things are all connected.....

Sing a song of salmon.... and add your own orca verse!

Orca & Salmon hide and seek! Gather your family or some socially-distanced friends and put your echolocation skills to the test to see how many salmon you can find.

We want to see how you played the salmon games, and your amazing orca songs!  Did you discover any new connections between orcas and salmon?  Let us know!  Share the #OrcaLove and show us how you're celebrating and taking action for #OrcaMonth

Take a picture and tag us to join in!