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Thank you for signing on to protect North Atlantic right whales!

Thank you so much for NOT staying calm and saving North Atlantic right whales!

Right whales need safe seas to survive and YOU have helped them get one step closer.

By sharing this with your family & friends, you can make an even bigger difference!

Repost on your social media to spread the word about giving right whales safe seas to live in.

Want to share this petition but not sure how to word it? Try these sample posts:

  • It’s time to #FreakOut for #RightWhales! This endangered species has fewer than 370 individuals left but I spoke up with WDC to protect them! Join me in protecting them against vessel strikes >
  • North Atlantic right whales are a critically endangered species that face constant threats of entanglements & ship strikes. Join WDC to #FreakOut and speak up to save a species! >
  • North Atlantic right whales just need a safe home to live and we humans are making that hard for them. I am stepping up with WDC to make sure this endangered species is safe! >

If you post, tag us! Our Instagram and Twitter handle is @whales_org. Find us on Facebook at @uswhalesorg.

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Raise your RIGHT hand and pledge your support!

We are so appreciative that you have used your voice to speak up for North Atlantic right whales. To keep right whales safe, take our pledge and you will be alerted when there are new actions to take to protect right whales,

It is only by working together that we will give these whales a chance at survival.

Raise Your RIGHT Hand and join us!

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