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Raise Your RIGHT Hand for RIGHT Whales

Raise your RIGHT hand and pledge your support!

North Atlantic right whales are one of the most amazing species we currently have on our planet and we want to keep them here. They are currently facing avoidable harm and we want them to be surviving and thriving!

We can't do it alone though.

Helping right whales is complicated. It is a complex problem with many moving parts. We don't always have one clear and simple action for you to take to make a difference. When we do need your help, it may come up suddenly and need a quick response.

When you Raise your RIGHT hand and pledge your support, you're becoming one of our right whale first responders. When something urgent comes up, we want to rely on you to take our message, follow through with the action items, and tell everyone you know!

It is only by working together that we will give these whales a chance at survival.

So Raise Your RIGHT Hand and join us!

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    North Atlantic right whale fluking
    North Atlantic right whale
    North Pacific right whale

    Your donation will help us make a safe future for right whales.

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