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Protect Critically Endangered North Atlantic Right Whales from Vessel Strikes

With fewer than 350 North Atlantic right whales left in the whole world, we have to help speak up for them.

For North Atlantic right whales to recover, we have to make sure they have safe places to live. Unfortunately, one of the biggest threats that right whales face is being struck by a vessel (boat or ship). By lowering the chances of these accidents happening, we can give right whales safer seas to feed, socialize, and raise their babies.

Sign the petition below to keep right whales safe!

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What's in our petition:

The problem is simple -  right whales need safe places to live to be able to recover.

We support that:

  • Right whales will be protected in a larger area and for a longer amount of time - more protection!
  • Vessels are required to slow down in all areas
  • More vessels have to slow down since this rule applies to vessels longer than 35 ft. - small vessels striking right whales can injure both passengers and whales!

We ask NOAA to:

  • Consider the increased vulnerability of mothers and calves - moms and calves are at higher risk!
  • Modify protections in Southern New England - provide better protections to year-round habitats!
  • Require AIS (automatic identification systems) on all boats longer than 35 ft.  - improve the ability to monitor and enforce this rule!
Credit: Peter Flood

Can you spot the North Atlantic right whale?

Meet North Atlantic right whales who are true survivors! Calvin, Accordion, Tripelago, and Derecha each have their own story to tell. Unfortunately, the common thread through their stories is  having been struck by a vessel (ship or boat).

Let's make a future for the next generation of right whales to live safe from vessel strikes!