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Freak Out and Save Right Whales

With fewer than 370 North Atlantic right whales left in the whole world, we can’t stay calm. It’s time to FREAK out and save right whales!

For North Atlantic right whales to recover, we have to make sure they have safe places to live. Unfortunately, the two biggest threats that right whales face are becoming entangled in fishing gear and being struck by a vessel (boat or ship). By lowering the chances of these accidents happening, we can give right whales safer seas to feed, socialize, and raise their babies.

FREAK OUT by signing on to the petition to keep right whales safe!

    Sign the petition here by March 26th:

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    What's in our petition:

    The problem is simple -  right whales need safe places to live to be able to recover.

    • Recognition of the important role that right whales play in our history and culture, as well as the vital ecological role they play in creating a heathy planet - we need right whales!
    • Support for actions to maximize right whale protections from vessel strikes in time and space - including expanding management areas. - we need to protect more of the places where right whales live!
    • Protecting both people and right whales by expanding measures to include vessels under 65 feet long.  – small vessels striking right whales can injure both passengers and whales!