Whale and dolphin conservation projects funded by WDC in last 25 years

Irrawaddy dolphin swimming

Irrawaddy dolphins, Chilika Lagoon, India

WDC funded Dipani Sutaria and Coralie D'Lima's research projects focusing on the Irrawaddy dolphins of Chilika Lagoon, India, in an effort to safeguard the dolphin population.
Fin whale

Cetaceans of the Pelagos Sanctuary

Research carried out in the Cetacean Sanctuary by the Tethys Research Institute concerns the study of cetaceans in the two main habitats: the continental slope and the offshore waters.

Harbour Porpoise Release Programme (HPRP), Bay of Fundy, Canada

The HPRP was developed by the Grand Manan Whale and Seabird Research Station in 1991 to assist local fishermen in the Bay of Fundy, Canada with the safe release of harbour porpoises from their herring weirs.

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