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Decisions taken at IWC 2014

The following is a record of the major votes that took place at the IWC in Slovenia 2014, covering all Schedule Amendments, Resolutions and Decisions

-Result Proposal defeated as fails to get 3/4 majority. Vote 19 Yes, 39 No, 2 abstentions

- Result: Approved by vote (35 YES, 20 NO, 5 Abstain, 1 Not Present)

- Result46 YES, 11 NO, 3 Abstentions, 2 Not present. Schedule Amendment was passed

- Resolution was adopted by simple majority 40 YES, 5 NO, 15 Abstain, 2 Not Present

- Proposal withdrawn as proponents wanted to apply to commercial whaling and would not restrict to ASW

- The result 37 yes, 15 no, 7 abstain so proposal adopted


Other Resolutions can be found at the IWC Website