Complex issues

There have been many calls from individuals and organizations asking their respective governments to stand up to Japan on the whaling issue. These calls to action have increased in recent days due to the collision between a whaling vessel and a protest boat. In case you haven't seen or heard this story, below is one angle of the collision.

What a Birthday Present !??

Today we want to wish Kate O'Connell's a very Happy Birthday. It has already started off with a rather depressing beginning. Besides Kate's birthday, today is 2nd day of the Norwegian Minke Whalers Association's annual meeting. And also the day Norway announces a 45% jump in minke whale quota from their 2009 limit.

Cover your tracks

HAFRO, the Marine Research Institute of Iceland, has been studying the movements of baleen whales, including humpbacks, around the coast of
Iceland.  Described in an article in the newspaper Morgunbladid, the project has tracked one humpback whale from northern

How adopting a whale helps whales

Four out of the first five blogs for this, The Whale Adoption Blog, were written by our residental interns. The Residental Internship while being life-changing for both our interns and us, is only one of the programs keeping our office running and allowing us to continue fighting for marine mammals and the oceans.

EU Ministers Urged To Reject Greenland’s Request To Kill Humpback Whales

Animal welfare and conservation organisations including WDCS, WWF and the Pew Environment Group are today calling on EU ministers to instruct their representatives at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) to reject a proposal by Greenland for a quota of 10 humpback whales from European waters.

Please join WDCS's campaign, by calling for European countries to vote against the request.  Send an e-mail now.


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