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More Success! WDC’s negotiations with travel giant TripAdvisor pay off

Huge success for WDC campaign as Virgin Holidays ends SeaWorld trips

Virgin Holidays has announced that it is to stop selling tickets to SeaWorld as part of a move to cut links with facilities that hold whales and dolphins in captivity for entertainment.  The announcement represents a huge success for WDC’s ongoing campaign to stop tour operators promoting and supporting the captivity industry, a campaign that…

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I’m Bl**dy Angry!

Such was the reaction to BA’s letter from all of us at WDC and the hundreds of thousands of people who had signed Kathleen Haase’s petition calling on British Airways to stop selling trips to SeaWorld. It also came as something of a surprise. At our meeting with BA on 13th October, the company acknowledged…

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British Airways acknowledges public concern over captivity

On 13th October 2014, I represented WDC in a constructive, two-hour meeting with British Airways representatives at their offices in Central London on the subject of British Airways’ relationship with SeaWorld, a US marine park company holding whales and dolphins in captivity for display to the public. Also at the meeting was WDC supporter, Kathleen…

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Mixed messages from Virgin on whale and dolphin captivity

US airline Virgin America, which was founded by Richard Branson, has announced that it is to drop a scheme that allows its customers to earn points toward travel when they spend money at SeaWorld parks. Virgin America, still part owned by Branson, is the latest in a line of big company names to cut certain…

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Sure we are disappointed, but….

Virgin broke its news about ‘The Pledge’ today, after months of consultation with a diverse group of stakeholders from inside and outside the captivity industry, including WDC and other animal welfare and conservation organizations. Initially announced on February 27, 2014, Virgin’s pledge was in response to the growing and undeniable public conversation and concern surrounding…

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Virgin Releases Its Captivity Stakeholder Meeting Report

Days after we launched our campaign pressuring Richard Branson to stop selling trips to SeaWorld, he called a historic meeting to discuss the issue of captivity and tourism. WDC was asked to attend. In follow-up to that stakeholder meeting which occurred in Miami in early June, Virgin recently posted the report of the meeting detailing…

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