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The Penn Cove orca captures

Tokitae breaching at Miami Seaworld

On August 8th, 1970, more than 80 orcas were rounded up and herded into nets in Penn Cove, Washington.  Seven of these orcas, likely from the the Southern Resident community, were taken into captivity, including Tokitae. This video is original and shocking footage of this notorious event, known as the Penn Cove orca captures.  Five…

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Everyone can be an Orca Hero!

Orca Action Month is an annual time to gather the human community of the Pacific Northwest around the endangered Southern Resident orca population, sharing their story and taking action to support their recovery.  June is always a busy month for me. Normally, it’s filled with traveling to festivals with our partners in Seattle, joining groups…

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Orca Action Month goes online!

Orca Action Month save the date - June 2020

Whamily, it’s almost that time again – time to celebrate, honor, and dive in to actions to help Southern Resident orcas in our annual Orca Action Month festivities.  This year is going to look a little different.  Along with the health of the Southern Resident orcas, the health of our communities is a top priority,…

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5 Year Fight for Critical Habitat for Southern Resident orcas

Orcas off the Olympic Coast of Washington (National Marine Sanctuaries) Expanding critical habitat for Southern Resident orcas was one of the first things I started working on when I joined WDC as the Jessica Rekos Fellow for Orca Conservation more than five years ago.  And now, over five years later – it’s here!  Last week,…

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Southern Resident Orca Scat Project: update from the field

Dr. Giles, a scientist with the Orca Scat Project, and CK9 Eba on the scent during a training run Dr. Giles, researcher with the Orca Scat Project, part of the Conservation Canines program with the University of Washington’s Center for Biological Diversity, gives us an update from the field and a recap of what the…

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Three Southern Resident orcas declared dead

The devastating news came late on Tuesday night – three more Southern Resident orcas lost, one from each pod in the highly endangered and dwindling population.  Like many others who work on recovery for the Southern Resident orcas and their home, I have spent my summer nervously dreading this announcement, but steeling myself for the…

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We <3 Whale Poop: WDC providing support for Orca Scat Project

San Juan Island, Washington. July 22, 2019: Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) is thrilled to share the news that we are a contributing supporter in 2019 for the Southern Resident Orca Scat Project, a research effort within the University of Washington’s Conservation Canines program.  WDC’s contribution to the program will help support the management and…

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Canada approves pipeline despite concerns for Southern Resident orcas

In extremely disappointing but not unexpected news from Canada last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion – a project long opposed by First Nations, coastal communities, and environmental groups in both Canada and the U.S., in addition to the British Columbia provincial government and the state of Washington.…

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