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Newer sonar technology still a threat to whales

A study into the effects of newer underwater sonar technology has revealed that it is just as disruptive to whales as sonar used by the military. Researchers at St. Andrews University, led by Professor Patrick Miller, looked at experiments on continuous sonar near Norway. Data from the new, continuous sonar was compared to data from…

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Minke whale calls drowned out by ocean noise

New research in Australia suggests noise pollution is affecting how minke whales communicate. We have known for some time that increasing ocean noise levels are affecting the behavior of whales, dolphins and other marine creatures. Orcas and humpbacks, for example, have modified their behavior to combat the noise by increasing the intensity of their calls…

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Noise pollution chronically stresses whales and dolphins

Whales and dolphins depend on sound to stay together in their family groups and whales used to be able to go on large hunting expedition to find their food, calling each other when they found it. However, according to a new study underwater noise pollution means they can only hear each other for around 10…

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