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California passes legislation to end use of harmful driftnets in fishery

A brief history of the Southern Residents

WDC will be launching a new campaign soon and I’d like to offer a little background information so that our supporters have all the knowledge they need to help us out with our new endeavor. Who are the Southern Residents? We use that term a lot here, so I’d like to offer some clarification on…

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Flashback or Comeback?

Back in June I reported on the wonderful sighting by friends of WDC (the Ionian Dolphin Project) of a pod of 7 common dolphins in the waters off of Greece in the Mediterranean Sea. This was a truly remarkable and very exciting sighting as it is an area that has seen a drastic decline in…

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A Return of the Rights?

Harpooned almost into extinction in the mid-1800s, critically endangered and extremely rare, the North Pacific right whale is one whale that most researchers accept they might never see. There are only between 38 and 50 North Pacific right whales left in the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean and no more than a few hundred…

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Gray whale spotted south of the equator for the first time

Scientists from the Namibian Dolphin project have confirmed the first ever sighting of a gray whale south of the equator. The news follows a unique sighting of a grey whale in the Mediterranean in May 2010. The north Pacific gray whale has been extinct in the Atlantic since the 18th century, and this latest sighting is…

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