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Shorewatch, or Haarwatch?! September’s Big Watch Weekend.

Shorewatch’s September Big Watch Weekend

After a fantastic season it’s time for Shorewatch’s bi-annual Big Watch Weekend: 12th, 13th and 14th September. During this weekend our dedicated Shorewatchers layer up and anchor themselves to their Shorewatch sites, with the aim of completing as many Shorewatches as possible. We will then be able to see what is going on at that exact…

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Hebrides field season ends with common dolphin encounter

It’s been a great field season on the Isle of Lewis! We saw Risso’s dolphins (some individuals that we’d seen in previous years and some new dolphins), lots of harbour porpoise and more minke whales than we’ve seen before! And what better way to end a busy season than to encounter a leaping, whistling pod…

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Are the Mediterranean common dolphins making a comeback?

Dolphins inhabiting the coastal waters of Greece are facing significant threats. Some populations must deal with increasing human encroachment, while others have disappeared altogether from portions of their former range.Once one of the most abundant cetacean species in the Mediterranean Sea, common dolphins, have declined throughout the region since the 1960s. In 2003 their Mediterranean…

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