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Review into Faroes dolphin massacre fails to ban hunts and sets high kill quota

A long-awaited review by the Faroese government into the disturbing and cruel massacre of over 1400 Atlantic white-sided dolphins in 2021 has potentially made the situation worse.  The country’s Ministry of Fisheries has failed to ban the cruel hunts and, instead, proposed an annual catch limit of 500 dolphins on a provisional basis for 2022…

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Give the ocean a chance – our message from the UN Ocean Conference

I’m looking out over the River Tejo in Lisbon, Portugal, reflecting on the astounding resilience of nature. It’s the end of a motivating and exhausting five days at the second UN Ocean Conference (UNOC). Before the conference started, I went out on the river with Astrid Fuchs and Bianca König (colleagues from WDC Germany) and…

WDC team at UN Ocean conference



Pregnant Southern Resident orcas and an ask for more space.

A mixed bag of news for endangered Southern Resident orcas was announced at the end of Orca Action Month in June.  The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) declared 13 individuals in the population “vulnerable” ahead of the summer season when the orcas are usually in their core summer habitat around Washington’s San Juan…


Facebook Fundraisers

Facebook Fundraisers Fundraising for WDC through a Facebook Fundraiser is an easy and effective way to help whales and dolphins. Create your own fundraiser by setting up a simple fundraiser page through your Facebook account and spread the word throughout your Facebook community! Once your fundraiser is complete, Facebook will transfer the funds to WDC…



Whales are our climate allies – meet the scientists busy proving it

At Whale and Dolphin Conservation, we’re working hard to bring whales and the ocean into climate conversations at the highest levels. I lead WDC’s ‘Green Whale‘ team and this week I’m at the United Nations Ocean Conference in Lisbon talking to policymakers about the vital roles whales play in our fight against the climate crisis.…



Icelandic whalers kill first fin whales in four years

As feared, whale hunters in Iceland have killed at least two fin whales, the first to be killed in four years. Hopes remain that the cruel practice will end in 2023 after the country’s Fisheries Minister, Svandís Svavarsdóttir cast doubt over its future a few weeks ago, saying that there is now little justification for authorizing…

Majestic fin whales

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Majority of Icelandic people think whaling harms their country’s reputation

A survey of Icelandic people has confirmed that the majority believe whaling damages Iceland’s reputation.  According to the new survey conducted by Maskína for the Icelandic Nature Conservation Association, only 6.1% thought the hunts have a good effect on the country’s reputation, while only 21% consider whaling to be important for the economy. A mere…


Japan Begins Commercial Whaling Season

Sei whale © Christopher Swann Japanese whalers have left port to begin this year’s annual hunt for whales and could kill up to 150 Bryde’s whales and 25 sei whales by the time the season finishes in mid-November. This year’s hunt is scheduled to begin on June 13th with the whaling ship Yushin Maru No.3 and its mother ship…


Climate giants – how whales can help save the world

We know that whales, dolphins, and porpoises are amazing beings with complex social and family lives, and we are leaning more about them all the time. But we are only beginning to understand that whales are essential in ensuring a healthy ocean and helping us combat climate change. The ocean is our largest carbon sink,…



Five Facts About Orcas

Orcas, also known as killer whales, are one of the most recognizable and popular species of whales and dolphins. Orcas are so fascinating and we wanted to share five of our favorite facts about them! 1. Orcas are black and white to help them camouflage in the ocean.   Orcas are instantly recognizable due to their…


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