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What is policy work?


When we say WDC does 'policy work' what does that mean?


It’s been a busy few months at WDC with some big proposals for two highly endangered populations; Southern Resident orcas and North Atlantic right whales.

right whale orca

In the U.S. many environmental regulatory measures require input from the public before they are approved.  That’s where WDC shines! 

Our experts in marine mammal science and policy spend countless hours reviewing and responding to proposals where they use scientific and legal references to support or oppose them, as they give a voice to whales and dolphins and you, our supporters

Our policy team isn’t just well versed in science and law, they are also have persistence running through their veins.  Policy work is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. For example, it took more than 5 years of tireless work to get critical habitat expanded for North Atlantic right whales.

It’s also a team sport and WDC is proud to work with many other NGOs to give a stronger, and louder voice for whales and dolphins.

Policy work  provides a truly unique opportunity for WDC, and for you, concerned citizens, to have a say in what happens to the other creatures and ecosystems we share our world with. It’s also filled with its own vocabulary...