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Policy Briefs

WDC uses a number of approaches in our work to save whales and dolphins.  Sometimes it’s thrilling, sometimes it is fun and gratifying, and sometimes it’s even frustrating but so incredibly important.

Scylla breaching


Working in the field and collecting data on whales can be thrilling.  There’s nothing like the privilege of seeing a whale breach in the wild.  This is the stuff that Nat Geo and Discovery want to film!  WDC conducts and relies on credible science and research.  It underpins everything we do.

It looks something like this.


Fun and Gratifying!

From school children to boaters to talking with you, we love talking about whales and sharing their important ecological role through our Outreach and Education programs.

dear policy makers

Sometimes Frustrating But So Important!

Sometimes Frustrating but So Important!  We’ve never had a request from Nat Geo or Discovery to film our Policy work, which is understandable.  It includes lots of meetings, lots of time at the computer, and lots and lots of patience.  Policy work is not easy or flashy but it is incredibly impactful and results in long term protections for whales and dolphins.

In our Policy Brief’s series we will pull back the curtain and give you a look at the world of marine mammal policy.  With more actions for orcas and right whales coming up in early 2020, we want to give YOU, our supporters, a peek into our policy world and invite you to join us in making your voice heard on these issues when it’s time!


These are our Policy Brief logos! If you see one on a page, you can know that you are reading our simplified version of the policy issue. See if you can find all 9!

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