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Support our work to end captivity.

Help us make a difference to the lives of captive whales and dolphins around the world.

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Schwein Oder Delfin?

Es gibt noch eine andere Delfinart, die in den Mangroven zu Hause ist: den Irawadi-Delfin.Eine...

On The Telly Again…

Hi Everyone, Yours truly is on the telly twice this week, first with BBC Newsround...

Scottish Dolphins On BBC Newsround

BBC Newsround have recently been up to the Moray Firth to film the bottlenose dolphins...

Cetacean rights and the wider debate of animal entitlement

I thought it was worth pointing you to a very interesting posting by Catherine Warren...

Die Arktis_Teil 5 GRÖNLANDWALE

Im vorletzten Teil unsere Serie geht es um die Grönlandwale - die einzigen Wale, die...

Die Blinden Delfine Der Mangroven

Ein Delfin, der in den Mangroven lebt, ist der Ganges-Delfin. Er sieht ein bisschen anders...

Normal Service Will Be Resumed…

Hi Everyone, I'm back at work now after a bit of a complicated and hectic...

Neue Schutzgebiete Für Flussdelfine!

In ganz Asien gibt es nur noch wenige Süßwasserdelfine und deshalb hat man jetzt beschlossen,...

Our successes

End captivity

Stop whaling

Create healthy seas

Prevent deaths in nets

Upheld ban on commercial whaling

Greater protection for Hector's dolphins

Reducing fishing gear threat to right whales

Whale meat no longer moved through EU ports

Marine protected area created in Bangladesh

UK commits to reduce death in nets

Marine protected area created in Antarctica

US import of captured beluga whale stopped

Speed limit for ships along the US east coast

Harbour porpoise homes protected in UK

Online whale meat sales stopped in Japan

World's first beluga whale sanctuary

We work with partners from all sectors to secure a future where whales and dolphins are safe and free.

Every whale and dolphin - safe & free

There are 3 vital ways that we are fighting for the survival of whales and dolphins.

Together we can:

Japanese whaler with harpoon hunting minke whales

Whaling and captivity

Whales and dolphins should live free and healthy lives.

Humpback whale tail in Antarctica

Why whales and dolphins matter

Whales play a vital role in the health of the marine ecosystem and the planet.

man attempting to free common dolphin from fishing gear

Create safe seas

Vessels and fishing gear accidentally harm over 650,000 marine mammals each year