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Dead Critically Endangered North Atlantic Right Whale Washes Up in Virginia

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Expands Marine Mammal Stranding Network Territory

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation team expands the Greater Atlantic Regional Marine Mammal Stranding Network response territory. The Network assesses health, provides rehabilitation, and investigates the cause of death of marine mammals. We have good news for any whales, dolphins, seals, and porpoises in trouble from Weymouth to Scituate, Massachusetts! Whale and Dolphin Conservation is expanding its…

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Nearly 500 whales die in New Zealand

The number of pilot whales that have died following a mass stranding in New Zealand has reached nearly 500. Officials are putting the current number of deaths at 477, which occurred on two remote beaches on the Chatham Islands, around 500 miles east of New Zealand’s main islands. The remote location hindered attempts to refloat…

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Marine Animal Rescue and Response: 6 Month Update

WDC Marine Animal Rescue and Response Intern, JJ Cruz and WDC staff member Monica Pepe, evaluate a deceased seal under authorization from NOAA WDC’s Marine Animal Rescue and Response program is six months old! Thank you to everyone who has supported this new program through well-wishes, spreading the word, making donations, and shopping our Amazon…

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Rescuers search for orca family after saving stranded calf

Rescuing a stranded orca calf

An orca calf is receiving medical care in New Zealand after becoming stranded near Wellington yesterday. The whale has been moved to a segregated harbour area while rescue teams search for the juvenile orca’s pod. It is hoped the rest of the calf’s family are still in the area and they can be reunited. According…

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