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Right whale - Regina WDC

North Atlantic right whale population has stabilized

Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin © Mike Bossley/WDC

WDC in Japan – Part 3: Restoring freedom to dolphins in South Korea

WDC at COP26

WDC in UAE – What you should know about COP28

Moana, Marineland France

Orca Moana dies suddenly at Marineland


Pacific white-sided dolphin Li’i transported to SeaWorld

Whaling ship Hvalur 8 arrives at the whaling station with two fin whales

A summer of hope and heartbreak for whales in Icelandic waters


Endangered river dolphins die in Amazon drought

Fin whale

Short and cruel hunt season ends in Iceland

This dead right whale calf had injuries consistent with a vessel strike, including fresh propeller cuts on its back and head, broken ribs, and bruising. Photo: FWC/Tucker Joenz, NOAA Fisheries permit #18786

Emergency Right Whale Petition Seeks Overdue Protections From Vessel Strikes