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Amazing Images Of All-white Orca Revealed

An amazing all-white mature male orca has been seen in the wild and here is...

Rescuers Working To Free Gray Whale

Rescuers off the coast of California, USA, are trying to free a grey whale who is...

WDCS Signs Agreement To Stop Whale Use In Cosmetics

The International Jojoba Export Council (IJEC) has signed an historic agreement this week with WDCS...

Ein Delfinlied!

Für lange verregnete Tage zu Hause: Der Dolphin-Species Song ! Ein Lied mit allen Delfinarten.Wer...

New IPhone App May Save Whales?

A new app for the iPad or iPhone which aims to help vessel collisions with...

10,000 Dolphins For Brussels!

Whales and dolphins belong in the seas and oceans with their families and friends! With...