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Heute Ist Der Tag Gegen Den Lärm

  .. und weil LÄRM leider auch ein Thema für Wale und Delfine ist, will...

Mosquito Threat To Orcas In Captivity Revealed

WDCS, along with former SeaWorld orca trainers, John Jett and Jeff Ventre, has revealed newly-discovered...

Klimatipps Von Kids

danke, dass ihr euch Gedanken zum Klimaschutz gemacht habt! Leider konnten nicht alle gewinnen. Aber...

Rare White Orca Spotted Off Russia

Whale scientists working off the coast of Kamchatka in eastern Russia have photographed and filmed...

Amazing Images Of All-white Orca Revealed

An amazing all-white mature male orca has been seen in the wild and here is...

Rescuers Working To Free Gray Whale

Rescuers off the coast of California, USA, are trying to free a grey whale who is...