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Those who are not counted

Marna Olsen and Hans Peter Roth provide another update from their monitoring activities in Taiji, Japan on behalf of WDC. It could be seen from afar, as there were crows circling above it. A carcass of a Risso’s dolphin presently lying on the beach between the big Taiji lighthouse and our vantage point, where we…

Orcas and the Klamath: Running out of time

We recently asked you, our loyal supporters, for more help in supporting the Klamath Basin Agreements by speaking to your local legislators and the two key representatives in the House currently blocking these Agreements from moving forward.  Senate bill 133, introduced early this year, has sadly languished in the Senate while legislators stubbornly stuck to…

Play games, protect whales

For a short period of time, up until October 29th (11AM Pacific) gamers have the chance to access the Humble Bundle Weekly Bundle:Games Workshop in exchange for a donation to WDC. Humble Bundle sells digital content through its pay-what you want bundle promotions and the Humble store.  Gamers can access certain bundles of games in…

BBC schools’ radio programme talks dolphins

At WDC we welcome opportunities to talk to young audiences about whales and dolphins and the work that we do. When I was approached by the BBC to take part in a schools’ radio programme about the Moray Firth bottlenose dolphins in Scotland, I was very pleased to agree. We were joined by three pupils…

No Mercy for Dolphins

Guest blog’s from Marna Olsen and her trip to Taiji to monitor the dolphin drive hunts on behalf of WDC continue.  Marna’s first few days were uneventful, but she reports on a recent hunt of Risso’s dolphins that occurred October 19th, her fifth day of monitoring. October 16th What will it be like? I’ve asked…

Heading to Taiji with Mixed Feelings

WDC guest blogger, Marna Olsen, is a Faroese anti-hunt campaigner who has travelled to Taiji in Japan, scene of the notorious dolphin drive hunts, to help WDC monitor activities in the region, provide updates on the hunts, and continue to foster positive relationships in Japan. She is joined by Hans Peter Roth, a Swiss journalist…