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There Be Dolphins…

Sightings of dolphins have been few and far between this month and I have only had my first proper sighting in the Inner Moray Firth yesterday. About 2 km out from the Rosemarkie shore where I was observing – a splash that was higher than the surrounding choppy sea indicated something breaching and lo and…

Macht euch Walhodenbier zu "echten Männern"?

Wieviel Hilfe braucht ein Wikinger eigentlich, um sich als „echter Mann“ zu fühlen? Es ist enttäuschend zu sehen, dass die isländische Brauerei Stedji trotz der zahlreichen Proteste im letzten Jahr wieder ihr „Hvalur“ Bier braut. Das Bier enthält geräucherte Finnwalhoden und wird während dem isländischen Winterfest Thorri verkauft, das von Mitte Januar bis Mitte Februar…

Exactly how much help do Vikings need in order to feel like “real men”?

I’m really disappointed to see that despite a general ‘thumb’s down’ on taste grounds from those who sampled it last year, Iceland’s Stedji brewery is once again brewing its ‘Hvalur’ beer, flavoured with smoked fin whale testicles, to sell during Þorri  (Thorri), the Icelandic mid winter festival which runs from mid-January to mid-February. This year,…

Mayday Monday – Who are the Southern Residents?

Who are the Southern Residents? The Southern Resident orca community lives in the coastal waters of the Pacific Northwest. This iconic, beloved fish-eating population of orca is in trouble: they have become one of the most endangered marine mammals on the planet. Their range overlaps with mammal-eating Bigg’s orcas and the Northern Resident population, and…

Vancouver Aquarium – Uncovered

A new documentary, Vancouver Aquarium – Uncovered is available to view on YouTube or watch below. Over the course of 60 minutes, it details, through interviews with cetacean experts, Vancouver Aquarium staff and Vancouver Park Board representatives, past and current, the problems associated with the keeping of whales and dolphins at the Aquarium, problems which…

Dolphin Sightings Update

It has been a very quiet period recently for dolphin sightings around the Inner Moray Firth area, I have seen very little signs of cetaceans at all – lots of seabird activity mind you but the only sighting I have had of a dorsal fin was last Saturday – a juvenile Minke whale in the…