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Double Your Impact for Marine Animal Rescue & Response

On a chilly day this past December, the WDC North America team celebrated the first year of our Marine Animal Rescue and Response (MARR) program with a batch of freshly baked, dolphin-shaped cookies. I was excited – we all were – about the success of our first year, but even more excited about doubling our…


WDC’s Education Wishlist = Cleared!

To the WDC Community, I want to thank you so much for your support of our education program when you cleared WDC’s Amazon Wishlist for Giving Tuesday. We are so happy to report that we completely cleared our list which had a total value of $1,240.47 and raised an additional $680. With the remaining funds,…

Hysazu Photography

Looking forward for Southern Resident orcas in 2023

Hysazu Photography 2022 was a big year for Southern Resident orcas – 2022 brought the final decision to remove the Klamath River dams in Oregon and California, which will give its salmon, a crucial food source for the orcas, a much-needed boost.   Built early in the 1900s, the Klamath dams did not have fish passage…

Credit: Seacoast Science Center

The Unlikely Adventure of Shoebert, a Young Grey Seal Who Visited an Industrial Park Pond

Credit: Seacoast Science Center In mid-September, our stranding partners in northern Massachusetts were inundated with reports of a young male grey seal who was seen in a pond…of a busy office park! While this pond technically connects to the ocean, this seal had to travel all the way up a connecting river and through a…

Leaping harbour porpoise

The power of harbour porpoise poo

We know we need to save the whale to save the world. Now we are funding a pioneering project that’s proving that porpoises are our underwater climate allies too. We are uncovering more and more evidence showing how essential whales are for a healthy marine ecosystem. They are helping us to fight the climate and…

Right whale - Regina WDC

Whale and Dolphin Conservation: Change Through Policy

WDC focuses on education, research, conservation projects, and policy work to create a sustainable future for marine mammals and humans. Finding funding for the first three categories – education, research, and conservation projects – is much easier to accomplish than explaining the intricacies of policy work and asking for money to support it.    In 2022,…