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Mayday Monday – What Have We Learned?

New information since 2005 listing The Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) submitted a petition in 2014 asking for expanded critical habitat and the addition of sound as an essential feature of their habitat. Early in 2015, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) found that petition to be warranted, and while they plan to revise critical…

Whale Watching in Britain and Europe

There are a wider variety of whales, dolphins and porpoises in the seas around Europe, and many opportunities to see them. We asked writer, conservationist and TV presenter, Mark Carwardine to answer a couple of questions from WDC supporters regarding whale watching.     In which country of Europe one can see the most variety of…

Welcome Our 2016 Volunteers…

WDC is very fortunate each year to have such superb, dedicated residential volunteers to help us with the Scottish Dolphin Centre and this year we have (from left to right) Charlie, Naomi, Karen, Heather and Harris A very warm welcome to them from all of us at WDC and I hope to see you all…

Mayday Monday – Ask an Expert

So, it’s not Monday, but we still wanted to share this amazing Ask an Expert with Howard Garrett of Orca Network about the current state of the Southern Residents and what the future holds for them.  Read on to find out more! 1) The decline in the Southern Resident population is a product of many different…

Mayday Monday – The Cascade Effect of Threats

Connectedness and synergistic interactions between different threats In December 2014, the Southern Resident orca Rhapsody (J32) was found dead carrying a near full-term fetus. The loss of a reproductive female and her calf was a hard hit to the Southern Resident population. Preliminary results from her necropsy showed that she was malnourished and had a…

A sad windfall

A few days ago on a remote, windswept beach on the wild shores of north west Iceland I found myself standing in front of a dead orca carcass that had been reported washed ashore earlier that day by a local farmer. She was identified by researchers as IS223 and was just over 5 metres long…