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Why are beached whales taken to landfill?

The sight of any beached whale or dolphin can be really distressing for onlookers, even for scientists like me who visit strandings on a regular basis. After watching the ‘whale fall’ experiment on Britain’s Whales on ITV, many of supporters were asking why stranded whales are often taken to landfill rather than being placed to…

Hello Sundance

I was down at Chanonry Point this morning braving the blustery conditions but I was glad that I did as not only Adopt a Dolphin star Kesslet but big Sundance was having a look around in the swirling tide too – the first time I have seen him properly this season. His well marked dorsal fin…

SeaWorld’s stunning announcement: A sunset on orcas in captivity?

SeaWorld’s recent announcement that it will immediately end its captive breeding program for orcas throughout all of its parks, alongside a phasing out of its traditional orca performances and shows to make way for a more ‘natural’ visitor experience by 2019, was met with a fair amount of surprise from the public, and from within the…

EU moves to reduce cetacean bycatch, with full support of experts

An important Resolution calling for better monitoring and mitigation of porpoises, dolphins, seals and whales being caught in fishing gear (or bycatch) was approved at the European Cetacean Society (ECS) conference in Madeira this week. The ECS bycatch Resolution was initiated and drafted by WDC, with input from regional cetacean and bycatch experts. It follows…

Ein trauriger Glücksfall

Vor einigen Tagen stand ich an einem windigen Strand im Nordwesten Islands, vor mir ein totes Orca-Weibchen. Sie war etwas mehr als 5 Meter lang, ihre Rückenflosse ca. 62 cm hoch und wurde später von Wissenschaftlern als IS223 identifiziert. Ich hatte bereits das große Glück, Schwertwale in aller Welt zu beobachten, aber so nah war…

Iceland whaling review: how much longer can they front it out?

In what can only be regarded as a triumph of “La, la, la, not listening, there’s no problem” politics, the Icelandic Foreign Ministry has finally released its long awaited report into that country’s whaling activities.   Myth 1: “No significant damage to Iceland’s interests” Commissioned back in September 2014 at the request of a cross-party…