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Narwhal surfacing

The unicorns of the sea must be protected – CITES

The narwhal, is under threat. Often referred to as the unicorns of the sea, narwhals, are hunted for their meat, blubber and ivory tusks which are sold around the world. Populations are declining and they risk extinction in Greenland. To ensure their future, WDC is attending a meeting of the Convention on International Trade in…

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Meet the 2023 Interns: Kaylee McKenna

I’m excited to introduce Kaylee McKenna as WDC’s summer Marine Mammal Conservation Intern. Kaylee has enthusiastically jumped right into joining our education programs and has thoroughly enjoyed introducing students to Delilah, our life-sized, inflatable North Atlantic right whale and getting them inside! We are happy to have her also supporting WDC’s Marine Animal Rescue &…

Sperm whales

We’re pushing governments for action for our climate heroes – whales

The climate crisis is the greatest threat to all life on Earth. But there is hope – whales are essential in combating climate change and the more whales there are, the more carbon is taken out of the atmosphere. WDC’s Ed Goodall will be at the Bonn Climate Conference to urge international governments to take…

Lasting legacies

Lasting Legacies: Orca Action Month 2023

Each June we celebrate Orca Month and the unique community of Southern Resident orcas, and this June is extra special.  2023 is also the 50th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act (ESA), a landmark law that protects vulnerable species and the places they call home. The ESA means a lot for the Southern Residents.  The law is written…

North Atlantic right whale - Peter Flood

Whale AID 2023: A Night of Music and Hope for North Atlantic Right Whales

The inaugural Whale AID concert to support Whale and Dolphin Conservation’s (WDC’s) work to protect critically endangered North Atlantic right whales rocked the house – literally. The brainchild of Hayden Arnot, founder of Nantucket Crisps, the concert brought together the unparalleled talent of world class musicians and artists, along with the more than 900 fans…


Meet the 2023 Interns: Thomas Zoutis

I’m happy to introduce WDC’s first Marine Mammal Conservation Intern of the year, Thomas Zoutis! Thomas will be supporting three of WDC’s primary programs: boater outreach, Marine Animal Rescue and Response, and education. Thomas hit the ground running and has already started brainstorming ways to contribute their incredibly varied skillset to enhance our programs. We’re…