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North Sea piling development worrying for porpoises

The UK government has given consent for the world’s largest offshore wind farm, Hornsea 2, to be built off the Yorkshire coast. This decision could lead to significant negative impacts to the harbour porpoise, the smallest porpoise found in our waters. We raised our concerns during public consultations. Harbour porpoises are ‘strictly’ protected under the…

Going for Gold! Spotting our local champions this summer

As we celebrate a clutch of medals at the Rio Olympics in aquatic events and bask in a mini heatwave this week – a rarity during the school summer holidays, you must admit – I thought this might be a good time to celebrate other links to Britain and water: namely, the many opportunities to…

Is Icelandic fin whale meat on its way to Japan?

I’m increasingly feeling a sense of déjà-vu, since receiving a report a few days ago that the Winter Bay (the vessel chartered last summer by Iceland’s sole fin whaler, Kristjan Loftsson, to ship  whale meat to Japan) had slipped out of the small harbour at Hafnarfjörður, south of Reykjavik, Iceland.  Significantly, perhaps, the vessel disappeared from…

Welcome To The World Little One….

Yesterday while doing my usual dolphin work at Chanonry Point I noticed something very small bobbing about near one of the adults away in the distance. As the group of dolphins moved closer I realised that one of the female dolphins had recently given birth to a gorgeous tiny baby, my first sighting of a…

Pledge Never to Plunge: The Wild Ones

Imagine a day in the life of a wild dolphin, swimming free with your family.  Your pod is your social identity – you are an individual, but you are lost without your companions around you.  You all travel together, you forage together, socialize and play, help each other to navigate and avoid danger.  Your pod…

Forgotten dolphins #5 – sanctuaries and other solutions

Please sign our petition now As our campaign calling on British Airways to end its relationship with SeaWorld gathers momentum (and thanks to everyone who has already signed our petition!), the obvious question is: what are the alternatives for the whales and dolphins in captivity at SeaWorld parks? One of the most talked about solutions…