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Go For It Moonlight!

Every so often some of the bottlenose dolphins in the Inner Moray Firth come across boats and ships of all shapes and sizes and being the intelligent and often curious mammals that they are – they will sometimes interact with the boats by maybe bow-riding, like this recent photo of WDC Adopt a Dolphin “Moonlight”…

Pilot whales under the midnight sun

I’m delighted to introduce the second blog from supporter Oliver Dirr, who has been travelling round the world, watching whales and sharing his best experiences with us! Read on for his account of a magical night under the midnight sun in Norway. Picture the scene: it’s close to midnight, yet the sun is still out.…

Pilotwale in der Mitternachtssonne

Theresa und Oliver sind einmal um die Welt gereist, unterwegs wollten sie möglichst viel über Wale und Walbeobachtung lernen. Zweite Station: Norwegen! Text & Fotos: Oliver Dirr /   Ein kleines Schlauchboot mitten auf dem Ozean, kurz vor Mitternacht, goldenes Licht, Hunderte von Pilotwalen – und mittendrin: wir! Eine magische Nacht in Norwegen.  …

Sharing Our Work – With Your Support

Thanks support from the Jessica Rekos Foundation and from supporters like you, I was recently able to present our work to save endangered Southern Resident orcas at the 15th International Conference of the American Cetacean Society (ACS) in Monterey, California. This three-day conference brings whale enthusiasts together with scientists, policy makers, conservationists, advocates, and students…

Stand up and help remove plastic from our oceans

WDC are proud to announce our new partnership with The Whale Company, a long term supporter of WDC based in Bedfordshire, but currently in Brazil! We were delighted to hear from Carolyn, founder of The Whale Company and their new challenge to tackle plastic pollution.  As we walked onto Prainha Beach, in Caraguatatuba, Brazil with our…

Dinner Is Served…

It’s great to see some dolphins beginning to visit Chanonry Point after the winter and recently big Scoopy or “Flosse” to our WDC colleagues in Germany (“Flosse” meaning fin or flipper in German) has turned up and immediately caught himself a lovely big salmon, maybe 6kg in weight – good to see him keeping his…