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Blogging from Biennial

The marine mammal community is meeting for the Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals, organized by the Society for Marine Mammalogy. This meeting brings together scientists and conservationists from all over the world to talk about ongoing research, current policies, and educational outreach,  and is considered the “big leagues” for anyone who does…

A Whale of a welcome

It’s been two weeks since I arrived at the WDC North America office here in Plymouth, Massachusetts. I’m normally based at the UK office, but I’m lucky to be here on sabbatical assisting on the studies of the whales in Cape Cod, particularly humpback whales. After being taught the data collection techniques, which is very…

Spey Bay Adventure

Sadie Gorvett (Education Intern) recalls her most memorable times as an intern at the Scottish Dolphin Centre. My name is Sadie and for the past 8 months I have been one of the education interns at the Scottish Dolphin Centre in Spey Bay. Every year the centre recruits 6 interns to help deliver the array…

I Know Where You Are Mischief !

I often get sent photos of Bottlenose dolphins from all over Scotland to look at to see if I can identify them, and thanks to the images sent to me by Mr Douglas Gordon of Portmahomack, who was on a fishing trip in the Dornoch Firth (about 25km away from the Cromarty Firth) onboard a…

Bedrohte Orcas verlieren weiteres Mitglied – Population auf Rekordtief

Nur noch 76 Mitglieder zählt die vom Aussterben bedrohte Population der Southern Resident Orcas nun noch. In einer Pressemeldung gab das Center for Whale Research Mitte September bekannt, dass der erst zwei Jahre alte Orca Sonic (J52) verstorben ist. Die vermutete Todesursache ist Unterernährung. Bereits im August wurde das 45-jährige Weibchen Skagit (K13) nicht mehr…

So long and thanks for all the fins! – Isle of Lewis Research Blog

Time has flown and it’s almost time to say farewell to the Isle of Lewis and all the whales, dolphins and porpoises who call these waters home. Although it’s been a bit of a mixed bag weather wise, we’ve managed to get out on the water a surprising amount of times and every time been…