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The White Sharks and Whales Expedition

Short stories – first time seeing whales and dolphins in the wild

Bri and humpback whales The White Sharks and Whales Expedition with WDC and the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy was an important day for our Education Specialist, Briannah Baptiste who had this to say about her first-ever whale watching experience: “I went into it with no real expectations – of course I was excited about the…


An incredible first time whale watch in the Azores

© Gretchen Gretchen D’s story Off to the Azores islands I grew up in Acton MA, spent every summer of my life (except one) on Cape Cod, loved dolphins and whales since I was a young girl, and yet had never gone on a whale watch – until I was 40 years old and stationed…

Gray whales from drone.

We’re taking steps to uncover the mysteries of whales

Vicki James Vicki is WDC’s protected areas coordinator, she helps to create safe ocean spaces for whales and dolphins to swim freely. Vicki also leads our Green Whale science work to identify and fill gaps in our whale and dolphin knowledge. VIEW ALL VICKI’S BLOGS Whales are more than just remarkable beings – they are…

WDC Breach and Provincetown

A first time whale watch that led to many more

© Susan, a very foggy whale watch in 1979 Susan Montgrain’s story A life-changing postcard I grew up in Rhode Island, not too far from Cape Cod Massachusetts. I didn’t really know anything about whales until one day, when I was about 15, I went to visit a friend and, on her mirror, she had…

Jaguar, humpback whale and African elephant

We’re urging governments to protect all of our climate heroes – CITES

Whales and dolphins are often overlooked by decision-makers, despite playing essential roles in ecosystems that keep every being on Earth alive, including you and me.

Auke Bay

A chilly first time whale watch experience in Alaska

Erika Mabry’s story Journey to Auke Bay It was a cold, windy day in Alaska and the day I had been waiting for was finally here. I was about to experience the one adventure I requested on my latest trip with my grandparents, whale watching on beautiful Alaskan waters. After spending the day at Mendenhall…