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SOS alert for whales off Norway!

I have to admit to bitter disappointment when I arrived in Tromsø, northern Norway, a few weeks ago, hoping to see orcas, only to find that I had missed them by a few days.  Since 2013, the orcas have been seen really close to shore in the waters around Tromsø and neighbouring Kvaløya islands, towering…

Southern Resident orca critical habitat – where are we now?

In 2014, WDC supported a petition by our colleagues at the Center for Biological Diversity asking the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) to expand critical habitat for the endangered Southern Resident orca community.  Unfortunately, four years later, we’re still waiting for NMFS to take action to protect more of the Southern Residents’ home. The summer…

Honoring Women in Marine Mammal Conservation

Canadian government pushes pipeline while NGOs push for action to save Southern Resident orcas

In disappointing news from Canada, Prime Minister Trudeau is sticking by his decision to move ahead with the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline – a controversial and long-debated expansion that would triple the amount of tar sands oil being moved to the coast in British Columbia (BC), where the oil would be loaded onto tankers…

Luftfahrtverband Star Alliance: Keine Hilfe im Kampf gegen Delfinjagden in Japan

Jedes Jahr von September bis April sind Delfine und Kleinwale in Taiji Opfer grausamer Treibjagden. Die intelligenten Meeressäuger werden wegen ihrem Fleisch gejagt oder lebend gefangen, um an Zoos und Delfinarien verkauft zu werden. Dieses Blutbad findet trotz weltweiter Kritik immer wieder statt. Die Delfine erleiden einen unvorstellbar schmerzvollen Tod oder müssen miterleben, wie ihre…

Major airline alliance not willing to help stop Japan’s dolphin slaughter

I’m sure you are as sickened as I am that every year from September to April, dolphins and small whales are still subjected to a bombardment of stress and cruelty in Taiji, Japan as they are hunted for meat or captured alive for display in zoos and aquaria. This annual bloodbath flies in the face…