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When Whale Entanglements Go Viral…For all the wrong reasons

Because of our name and the work that we do, we have many people who share with us videos of members of the public disentangling whales and other marine life including the recent video of a young man jumping into the water to free an entangled humpback whale. These videos have all of the elements…

dolphin mother swimming with her calf

Amazing tales: adventures of the WDC adoption dolphins

Charlie Phillips here, I’m the adopt a dolphin field officer for WDC and I think that I have one of the best jobs in the world in the North East coast of Scotland near Inverness. It’s a really lovely place and so is my ‘office’, a peninsula called Chanonry Point where for over twenty years…


Philip Hoare reflects on New Zealand dolphins

Acclaimed writer, broadcaster and WDC ambassador, Philip Hoare has recently returned from a trip to New Zealand where he was fortunate enough to come across both sperm whales and endangered Hector’s dolphins. Collectively known as New Zealand dolphins, Hector’s and Māui dolphins are dying in fishing nets at a catastrophic rate. Unless we take action,…


How to protect the whales and other marine mammals of the Antarctic’s Southern Ocean

I’ve just returned from France where a friendly group of scientists from 11 countries were gathered to put our heads together to help protect the whales, dolphins and other marine mammals who live in the Antarctic’s vast Southern Ocean.  Can’t believe how much I learned during the week: One scientist talked about seeing a sea…

Another chance to comment on actions to save Southern Resident orcas

We’re calling on all of you once again to Take Action to help save the Southern Resident orcas!  The Washington State Task Force released an updated draft of recommended actions last week, allowing just 5 days for public comment. As several Task Force members have remarked, the time to save the Southern Residents was 20…

bottlenose dolphin catching a salmon in its mouth

The joy of wild whale watching

Jen Graham is a residential volunteer at WDC’s Scottish Dolphin Centre. Experiencing whales and dolphins in the wild in Scotland has given her cause to reflect, and in her guest blog she explores why we need to remember that we inhabit a shared planet. The views and opinions expressed by our guest bloggers are those…