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A Happy Return To/For The Blue … !

On the day that the 64th annual IWC meeting starts in Panama there is some good news surrounding one of the ocean’s giants. Normally when an animal the size of a blue whale strands, people scratch their heads and say not much can be done to save it, but when exactly this happened in the…

You too can be a part of Japanese whaling!

It seems that the hard-pressed Japanese Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR) needs your support. As a ‘research organisation’ they would like corporate donors at US$125, and individual donors at US$25, to support them in trying to ‘understand’ more about whales. You’ll get a newsletter and also a plate full of the best cuts of whale…

Back To My Dolphins…

Hi Everyone, I have had a bit of a short working week (down on the beach that is) as I have been down to WDCS Head Office for meetings and other stuff. Friday and Saturday of this week have been grey, damp and not brilliant for photos but at least there have been a few…

IWC blog is on our new test site

Dear all,If you want to follow our blog from the IWC 2012 please link here to our new test site where we are publishing from the meeting in Panama, best wishes Chris Recent postsGreenland, statistics and the politics of Denmark’s claimsWDCS Asks Tour Operators Not To Promote The Consumption Of Whale MeatWhat will happen…

Greenland, statistics and the politics of Denmark's claims

Okay, this one is a bit technical, but it’s to help some of the IWC delgations who might not have access to all the data they need about the hunting in Greenland – so bear with us. Speaking in 2007 to the BBC, the Minister for Finance and Foreign Affairs of the Home Rule Government…


Spreading Whale SENSE

We talk a lot about responsible whale watching……and for good reason. In my mind there’s no better alternative to whaling and captivity than being able to point to communities that are thriving, at least in part, due to the public’s desire to watch whales alive and well in their natural habitat. But it also needs…