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Another Korean newspaper and another local NGO calls for a pull back on whaling plans

The Hankyoreh said it “makes no sense” to start hunting whales again. “The government explained the need for scientific whaling by noting a significant rise in the whale population over the 26 years the ban has been in effect,” the editorial said. “Officials have claimed that this has resulted in widespread damages that demand urgent…

Greenland and the evolving concept of ‘Local Community’ in relation to its demands for increased large whale quotas

Since the IWC meeting, I have been asked by some observers why do I think that the Greenlandic and Danish delegations actively threw away their chances of getting a quota this year? These same officials knew that the European Uion (EU), after the revelations of tourists eating bowhead whale meat and an internal EU coordination…


Last Few Hours of Whaling Commission Meeting – blow by blow

Final Report from the IWC Team at WDCS 64  Things get a little messy but much applause follows as we draw to a close. (Pictured here are the Commissioners of the UK and Monaco: Nigel Gooding and Frederick Briand.) After lunch, a few amendments are noted to the administrative document which will define how the…

Korea takes another step back from the brink

The Korean Herald reports (9th July) that ‘ The chief Korean delegate to the IWC meeting told local media last Friday that Seoul would not push to resume whaling over objections from the international community.’ As reported here yesterday, it appears that Korean fisheries officials may have overstepped the mark, with the Herald reporting that…

Korean domestic opposition rises against the Government's announcement

It appears that the Korean Government may have misjudged the feeling of the Korean people when it comes to whales. Yes, the legalising of net whaling ‘accidents’ has given cover for illegal whaling to feed the demands of the restaurants of Ulsan, but the rest of the country seems a little slower to celebrate the…

Common Dolphins & Kessock Invasion !

Hi Everyone, Susan and I spent a great two hours out on the water with my friend and marine biologist Ian French from Gairloch Marine Wildlife Centre & Cruises on Friday and thankfully the weather forecast was wrong and we had lovely weather to help us enjoy over 60 Common dolphins, some of which came…