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Orcas and belugas held in appalling ‘whale jail’

You may have read the stories about the so-called ‘whale jail’ in Russia. If you have, you’ll have seen the sickening images of belugas and orcas crammed into tiny pens, having been taken from their families to supply the growing captivity industry in China and other countries. In December, we welcomed news that Russian authorities…


Collision With A Gray Whale Eliminates Yacht From Sailing Race

My work day today started with an email directing me to an article about a sailboat colliding with a whale in the San Francisco Bay. Ironic, given that tomorrow I am boarding a plane en route to a sailing symposium to talk about just that – safe boating for sailors and whales. Together with our…


'What do we want? TO SAVE THE WHALES! When do we want it? NOW!'

Last Saturday, I marched shoulder to shoulder with WDC colleagues as we braved the January cold to protest in central London with hundreds of like-minded people. The air rang with voices, accompanied by a merry cacophony of whistles, drums and tambourines as we headed along Regent Street, past Hamleys, through Piccadilly Circus and past The…


Wow – orcas pay a surprise visit to Scotland’s Moray Firth!

What a Fin-tastic start to the year. Over the festive period, a few dorsal fins were popping up here and there in Scotland’s Inner Moray Firth. Kesslet (one of the WDC adopt a dolphin stars) and her baby daughter were seen around the Kessock Bridge area almost every day and some of the other local…

Southern Resident orca Task Force: Reflecting on Year One

As we get settled into 2019 and figure out our plans for the next few months, I wanted to take a quick look back at the first year of work by the Washington State Southern Resident Orca Task Force, an effort dedicated to identifying local and regional solutions to reverse the decline of the critically…


The Road ahead for L124: Reality sets in for new Southern Resident orca

After the news of a brand new baby in the endangered Southern Resident orca community broke last Friday, it has been non-stop excitement.  From hearing the news to seeing the first pictures and videos, (including this incredibly sweet image of L124, the newest Southern Resident orca, swimming with L25 (Ocean Sun), the oldest Southern Resident…