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Momma whales, Monica, and mountains, oh my!

As the coordinator of WDC’s At the Helm of Conservation programs, I’m proud to say that our Whale SENSE program is turning 10 years old this year! I was chatting with our Whale SENSE partners in the NOAA offices both in Massachusetts and Alaska and we were brainstorming the best way to celebrate this huge…

Southern Resident orca update: recapping an orca-centric legislative session

2019 has been a crazy, but exciting, year for Southern Resident orcas.  And I can’t believe we’re almost halfway through the year and already well into our annual Orca Action Month in June! This year’s Orca Month celebration is perfectly timed with the end of the 2019 Washington legislative session, because while we have a…

How you fly two beluga whales home to the ocean

Ahead of the relocation of Little White and Little Grey to the world’s first open water sanctuary for belugas, we gave international media the opportunity to discover how this epic 6,000-mile journey will be delivered to plan, and speak to some of the expert team involved in making this as comfortable a journey as possible…

Is a good outcome possible for the jailed whales in Russia?

It’s not often that we report good news from Russia about whales and dolphins. We have been fighting for many years to end the capture of orcas and belugas from Russian waters for the aquarium trade. The bad news continued in 2018, as dozens of whales were illegally incarcerated in holding pens in Srednyaya Bay…

How to help the Dolphinaris Arizona Dolphins

While the investigation into the recent deaths of four bottlenose dolphins at Dolphinaris Arizona is still ongoing, the marine park has already announced that they will no longer hold dolphins, and will be a different ocean-themed park if and when it re-opens. The four remaining dolphins have been moved out of the facility, and many…

There’s a whale in the gym!

Meet Delilah – our inflatable North Atlantic right whale When I was an intern back in 2012, I was cursed. No matter how much I heard about how amazingly unique right whales are or how critically endangered they are, the universe was telling me that it did NOT want me to see one. We would…