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How do whales breathe?

Looking back through our blogs, I realized that we were missing some of the really cool aspects of marine mammals. So our intern, Lucie Drozd, is going to be doing a series on the adaptions allowing mammal to live in the water. As the whale watch season comes to an end, I’ve had a great…

Moby Dick – The Big Read.

Hi Everyone, Just in case you haven’t heard of this on-line project (any proceeds go to WDC) Click on the blue MOBY DICK link and have a listen…I’m reading Chapter 34 today. MOBY DICK

The baiji – the first dolphin to be declared extinct in modern times

We urgently need your help… Many species of whales and dolphins are endangered. The vaquita and Maui dolphin have just a few individuals remaining. We need your support to stop any more whales and dolphins becoming extinct. Thank you. Make a donation today The baiji or Chinese river dolphin, and beautiful Goddess of the Yangtze…

WDC welcomes increase of Marine Protected Areas

It’s good news announced at the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) meetings in Hyderabad, India (8-19 Oct. 2012) that marine protected areas (MPAs) have shown a 10-fold rise the past decade to cover 2.3% of the surface of the global ocean. OK, it’s only a drop in the world ocean puddle, and the growth is…

Swimming Though The Clouds…

Hi Everyone, I had a real surprise the other day when driving up the coast road of the Beauly Firth from North Kessock, I saw two dolphins chasing fish away up near Redcastle which is nearly as far as you can get before you go into the River Beauly. The weather wasn’t brilliant but I…

Where did the Taiji dolphins go?

It has been confirmed to WDC by Defra (UK Government) that no dolphins were transhipped through Heathrow yesterday, the 11th October. In a communication to WDC, Defra said, “The Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency is aware of suggestions circulating online that dolphins travelling between Japan and the United Arab Emirates transited through Heathrow Airport…