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Rough Stuff.

Hi Everyone, It was really wild at Chanonry yesterday with almost gale force winds and very rough seas. I was trying to see if there were any of our adoption dolphins around but could only see four of the other local dolphins, Squat Fin, Scoopy, Zephyr and Breeze. Kesslet and Charlie have made themselves scarce…

We do not run from anything, We run for something…

Several months ago, the staff of the WDC North American (NA) office came up with the idea of a developing a “Fun Run” to promote Act Right Now, our campaign to save endangered North Atlantic right whales.  The 5K run was purposely scheduled for May 4th, a time of good weather, a date close to…

It's Like They're on Elastic !

Hi Everyone, I overheard a lady this morning at Chanonry Point commenting on the lovely, synchronised surfacing rhythm that Zephyr and Breeze have – where they seem to pop up in the same spot time after time…”It’s amazing, it’s like they are on elastic !” ©WDC/Charlie Phillips Only the two dolphins this morning in the…


WDC is hosting our inaugural Race to Save a Species 5k and Fun Run!

Join the Race to Save a Species on May 4th in America’s Hometown. We are proud to present a 5K beginning and ending at Memorial Hall in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  The Race to Save a Species will benefit WDC’s ACT RIGHT NOW campaign to increase protections for the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale. So come run for…

WDC's own Erich Hoyt has won the ECS Conservation Award

We are celebrating the award of the European Cetacean Society (ECS) conservation award for 2013 The following is the speech given by WDC’s friend and colleague Mark Simmonds. “There is amongst us here today a quiet, modest and altogether rather unassuming person who is also somehow simply by their presence able to add a certain…

Dolphin Killing Methods in Taiji – Who is Responsible?

One might think it is a scene from a horror movie.  Rather, it is video taken from Taiji, Japan depicting the almost unspeakable acts that occur beneath the tarpaulins from September through April each year in the dolphin drive hunts there. A recently published clinical analysis of the killing methods utilized in these hunts reveals…