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Customs and marine mammals

Travelling through Boston airport I was glad to see that the US Customs were keen on getting the message out to travellers that marine mammals and the products made from marine mammals should not be transported out of or into the USA. The message seeks to reinforce that the US Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA),…

Looking for Right Whales

We are currently in the US with the WDC North American team working on our Act Right Now Campaign to save the North Atlantic Right Whale. The WDC team were called out by State authorities to confirm that Right Whales were using this part of the Bay. This evidence is critical to demonstrating that the…

This Way !

Hi Everyone, The weather recently has been pretty bad and not much dolphin action either but yesterday it was great to see Kesslet and Charlie (who had both been fishing in the Inverness Harbour area) start to bow-ride with a ship coming out of the harbour – as if to say to the ship –…

Norway's dying whaling industry

It seems that despite claims that its whaling is still acceptable to Norwegians, it seems that the Norwegian public’s willingness to purchase and consume whale meat and products is still going the way of whaling all around the world – downwards at a steady rate. reports that only 17 boats are actually taking up…

Identifying and respecting other personalities: stories to inspire

The study of animal personalities is rapidly become one of the fastest growing areas of research in behavioural biology and ecology. The term ‘personality’, within this context, is used to describe significant behavioural and physiological differences between individuals of the same species, which are consistent over time in different contexts or situations. For field researchers,…

You Certainly Know How To Make An Entrance Sundance !

Hi Everyone, I’m delighted to tell you that Sundance has eventually turned up at Chanonry Point, and, as you can see he is as shy and retiring as ever ! ©WDC/Charlie Phillips Great to see the big guy leaping after a salmon – welcome back sir ! Best Wishes, Charlie.