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CW working from home

Supporting Our Supporters as We Work to Protect Whales and Dolphins

WDC-NA staff’s new “offices” Working remotely is definitely an adjustment but I also know me and my team at WDC-North America are privileged to be able to do so. Some things have changed. Our field work, residential intern program, and in-school presentations are paused for the moment to ensure that we keep everyone safe, but…


COVID 19- Canceling WDC Travel, Not Momentum

I am writing this on the evening of Tuesday March 10th, just hours after the Governor Charlie Baker declared a State of Emergency for Massachusetts, the home of WDC’s North American office.  Governor Baker explained it is a precautionary attempt to contain the spread of the coronavirus.  As a result, we are suspending all WDC…

Mel and Delilah

How do you thank someone who has changed your life?

*This is the third part of a three-part blog series. You can read the first part of the blog here and the second part of the blog here.* Ever wondered the best way to thank someone for changing your life? Write a blog about them of course! Flash back to spring of 2019 and the…

WDC NA Staff watching right whales

Dipping my toes into the policy pool

Just a few short months after I packed everything I owned and drove from California to Massachusetts, I found myself completely overwhelmed and completely fascinated by marine mammal policy work. I know that might sound silly – as soon as I mention ‘policy’ I can often see most eye lids immediately become heavier. I will…

Mel on the boat with a whale

From the Pacific Coast to the North Atlantic Right Whale

WDC’s internship is designed to give interns a taste of life at a marine mammal non-profit.  Interns are exposed to everything from science, policy, outreach and even supporter relations.  I think internships are the best way to test the waters and find out if a particularly career path is the right one.  There are fewer…

right whale calf injury_NOAA Fisheries_zoomed

From One Mother to Another

See the part that is sticking out? It isn’t supposed to look like that.Georgia DNR- NOAA Permit 18786-04 To see the injury, look in the top right portion of the whale in this photo. The part that is lighter in color is a deep injury. As soon as my heart rose with the news of…