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What future for Scotland’s whales and dolphins?

You can help the Scottish government decide what the future might look like! This summer the Scottish government are giving you the opportunity to tell them what you think about their proposed marine protected area (MPA) network. Whales and dolphins are STILL not included in the current MPAs – although they haven’t been ruled out…

Whales: ‘interchangeable parts of the species machine’?

If you read nothing else this week, read this fantastic article by Brandon Keim on ‘Being a Sandpiper’. Keim explores some of the history and effects of taxonomy and behaviourism and how these have shaped modern perspectives on other species.

Who profits from whaling?

It’s illegal to import and export whale meat through the EU, and quite rightly so. So it must be illegal for EU countries and companies to profit from the movement of whale meat from Iceland to Japan also? Apparently not. As we noted last night, WDC is closely monitoring the movements of the Cosco Pride, which…

A Magical Seabed Safari

  Journalist Hans Peter Roth shares his final blog from his recent trip to the Faroe Islands. 12 hours before I did not even dream of it. Now I am in a beautiful little cove in Hoyvík near the capital Tórshavn. On top the sun comes out of the clouds. The night before I’d met…

Number of species of cetacean now extinct 2 (?) – China 0

Despite being declared a Chinese “national treasure” and being protected since 1975, the world looked on in sorrow when the baiji (otherwise known as the Yangtze river dolphin) was declared extinct in 2007. The baiji, the first species of cetacean to become extinct at the hands of mankind but sadly, very likely not the last. …

An evening in the 'Last Ocean'

I have just spent an incredible evening with Erich Hoyt, Rob Lott, Peter Hall, Mel Salmon and a cinema full of friends and colleagues with the Director of the Last Ocean. It was great catching up with some old friends, such as Claire Bass, Richard Page and Barbara Mass. This film is an incredible exposé…