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Boo on Shamu!

Is SeaWorld trying to buy our forgiveness by connecting with well-known and well-loved brands? First Wendy’s, now Stauffer’s (the ones who make those delicious animal crackers) have SeaWorld-themed products that encourage their customers to visit the oceanarium.  The “Shamu and Friends” line of cheddar cheese crackers features smiling orca cartoons, and the box declares that…

A Welcomed and Somewhat Surprising Outcome: US Government Denies Russian Beluga Import

I must admit that despite my belief that the law was on our side on this one, providing NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) with the perfect opportunity to exercise its discretion with this controversial permit request, I am nonetheless a bit (albeit very pleasantly) surprised.  My personal reactions to the just days-old decision by…

A "dolphin" never forgets

We’ve known for some time how dolphins are highly intelligent, have complex social lives and form strong bonds with other individuals however new research published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B proves that in addition to other advanced traits, dolphins have the longest memories yet found in a non-human species.  The scientists conducted their…

Saving the North Atlantic Right Whale…

We at WDC-NA have been working overtime to raise awareness of the ship strike rule and its potential expiration, which would increase the risk to right whales. Our job here is to pay attention to policy issues such as these and call attention to them. While our official comments to the government certainly matter, the…

The nature of change: Are we allowed to clean up other people´s yards?

Campaigner Astrid Fuchs shares her personal reflection on her recent trip to the Faroe Islands. “You can´t tell a fisheries nation not take something from the sea. Or at least you need to give them some time to get their head around that thought”, is something that an Icelandic colleague recently said to me and…

Scalia's Son and a Possibly Scared Sea World

        Eugene Scalia, son of infamously sharp-tongued Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, was recently hired by Sea World for their next round of appeals against the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”). After the “willful” violation that OSHA cited them for in 2010, Sea World appealed, first to an administrative law court,…