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NOAA needs to hear from us all

Please help reduce entanglements of right and humpback whales!  Join me in letting NOAA know that we need them to protect large whales! NOAA is proposing to restrict the use of risk-prone lines that go from the lobster and crab pots to the surface buoys but they need to include more gear types and a more comprehensive marking…

More Protection Needed Against Sad Entanglements

Recently, a dead North Atlantic right whale was spotted off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina that appears to be a victim of entanglement – line can clearly be seen going through the mouth, wrapped through baleen, and extending along the body.  The whale has been identified by the New England Aquarium as Patti, an adult male…

Slow Ships for Safe Whales

As a policy intern I spend most of my time in the office, reading a lot of important papers and doing a lot of important things, but every once in a while they unchain me from my desk (remember, we’re against captivity) and let me out on a boat.  It’s nice to get out on…

Small fish in a BIG pond 2?!

With less than a week before I attempt to swim a mile in the open water of the North Sea; I’m hoping I have done enough to get me to the finish line! The last few weeks have flown by here at the Scottish Dolphin Centre, with lots of visitors coming to see the amazing…

Can You Hear Me Now?

The Navy recently announced that they plan to ignore the common sense recommendations of the California Coastal Commission, choosing instead to push ahead with their plan to train with deafening sonar and explosives off the coast of Southern California. Below is a statement from Michael Jansy, director of the National Resource Defense Council’s Marine Mammal…

Whales in the Faroe Islands – new opportunities?

On the heels of our recent trip to the Faroe Islands in mid-June, we are reeling from the intensity of the recent grinds that have occurred over the past month there.  In just over the course of four weeks, nearly 1100 small cetaceans have been slaughtered, including long-finned pilot whales and Atlantic white-sided dolphins. In…